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What is the waiting period for buying a gun?

There is no waiting period to purchase a gun in Tennessee.  If you find the firearm you want, all you have to do is fill out the state paper work and we run a background check which usually takes no longer than 10 minutes.  The background check does not register the gun, there is no registration in Tennessee.  There is a $10 charge for the background check.

What is your return policy?

Please see our return policy here

Do you take items in on trade?

Just about anything related to the business. We accept most accessories and firearms for trade on our goods, but we do not accept the following: opened ammunition, used muzzleloaders, old holsters, jewelry, and “Saturday Night Specials” and other very low-quality firearms (aka: Jennings, Bryco, RG, Raven, and others).

Do you take consignments?

We have in the past, but currently we are not accepting any new consignment firearms or accessories.

Do you do special orders?

We do indeed!

If you special order a firearm or something else, a deposit will need to be put on the item. Once the deposit has been paid, we will order it.  Generally you item will arrive in just a few days if it was in-stock.

If you are ordering a backordered item, we can place it on order for you and give you a call when it arrives. Backordered items generally have NO estimated time of arrival, assuming the item is still in production. All we can give is a general time frame that more than likely is not going to be accurate. We are at the mercy of the manufacturers.

How long does ammo last?

Ammunition will last indefinitely when kept in temperature controlled environment.

How do I register my firearm?

Firearms are not registered in the state of Tennessee.  The state should have no record of you buying a firearm.  We do have to run a background check if you are buying a firearm but that is just to make sure you are not a felon.  Tics deletes all of the background check information within 72 hours.

What all is involved with getting your TN Handgun Carry Permit?

First, you need to take a state certified Handgun Permit Course. Many different business’s offer this course for various prices. We charge $70 for a one day, eight hour (as required by the state) course. The general breakdown of the class is as follows:

  1. Four hours of classroom lecture – involves firearms safety, legal issues, general information.
  2. Four hours on the range.

You will need one box of ammunition for your firearm (you can bring it with you, or purchase here on the day of the class). If you do not have a firearm you would like to use for the class, we can provide you one for an additional $5.00.

There is a small test after the lecture, and you are graded on your accuracy on the range. It’s nothing terribly difficult – but a little practice ahead of time can go a long way.

After passing the class, you will receive a certificate to take to the Department of Motor Vehicles, unless you have applied online with the state, your confirmation number will be used as your certificate. You will be required to have a certified copy of your birth certificate, as well as $115 in cash or credit card (no checks). They will have you fill out an application, and once you’ve paid your $115 and handed the application back to them they will enter you into the system.

You will be given a slip of paper with information about getting your fingerprints taken. You may either call the # on the paper to get registered for your fingerprints (It’s a state-contracted company, so you do need to call them to get set up for fingerprints, even though you’ve submitted your app with the state itself), or you may register yourself online at the address provided on the paper. Once registered, you may go to any of the business’ licensed by L-1 Identity Solutions to have your fingerprints taken. If you register by phone, the operator will tell you the places you can go nearest you (you have to make an appointment at one of these places). If you register online, it will provide you with a list of places you may make an appointment at.

After your fingerprints have been taken, that’s it! Once the state conducts your background check, you should receive your permit by mail.

To visit our shooting academy website click HERE.

My certificate from the Permit Class is expired, what do I do now?

Unfortunately, if your certificate is older than 6 months, it is expired. You will have to pay the $70 again and retake the whole, entire class.  This is state law and we legally cannot fill out another one for you until you have taken another class.

Exports, Regulations & Legal Restrictions

Guns & Leather, Inc does not export firearms or accessories to other countries.  We follow all federal, state and local laws concerning the sale and transfer of all firearms.  It is the customer’s responsibility to be in compliance with all Federal, State and Local laws regarding the purchase and ownership of firearms.